Your kingdom is invaded by an army of undead, with your faithful fighters, destroy the castle of the undead !

Unit list : 
  • Knight (melee attack) 
  • Bowman (distance attack) 
  • Gladiator (low move speed, strong attack and high health point)

Controls : 

Mouse (optional : left arrow/right arrow to move the camera)


Click on a button in the bottom of the screen to create a unit.

Move the mouse on the right or the left to move the camera.

Enjoy !

Links : Newgrounds

Made in 36 hours (spread over a week) for the LOWREZJAM 2018 - the limitation was : screen resolution limited to 64x64 pixels or less.

Issues I encounter :

  • Hard times for making controls based on mouse cursor

What I learned :

  • Better particles
  • Improving my pixel art skill
  • Learned to use the mouse controller

Made withPICO-8


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It's an okay side-view defense game. With the three units, it's kept simple, which goes well with the pixelated visuals. The characters on screen have some nice details which bring them more... alive.


Thanks !