A demake of league of legends.

Welcome to the PICO rift, you play the champion Garan, destroy the enemy nexus to win !

Controls : 

Mouse right click to move or attack an enemy.

Move the mouse on the border of the screen to move your camera

Press c to center the camera on the player

Use the minimap on the right bottom corner

Level up increase your damage and health.

Enjoy !

Warning : Spells buttons don't work, they are just images and money can't be used. Don't press the left arrow, I would have warned you...

Links : Newgrounds https://wombart.newgrounds.com/

Made in 34 hours (spread over five days) for the Demake JAM - the goal was to make a demake of a game.

Image result for Demake JAM

Issues I encounter :

  • PICO-8 token limit reached
  • Low performance

What I learned :

  • Improving my pixel art skill
  • Learned to use the mouse controller
  • Learned a bit about token optimizations (PICO-8 Token Optimizations)

Rated 4.1 out of 5 stars
(7 total ratings)
GenreAction, Fighting
Made withPICO-8
TagsGame Jam, moba, PICO-8, Pixel Art


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lol like? :)

so cute!!!

when you push the left arrow key it makes your health positive and negaative and really high and insanely low

I love this idea, I'm going to create websocket game like this one day for game jam :P

dude i love your game, thanks for the work :)

one thing, could you make a Gamepad support in itch.io page? I played in computer and i love it. I would like to Enjoy it everywhere


You mean I played all the way up to his nexus just to not receive a victory screen at all? HOW DARE U!!!... okay joking , dude you made almost all he basis of LOL fit into PICO-8 that's impressive, I wonder so much things like how to code the minioms IA and so, anyways great work! 

I LOVE IT! What happened to the background seem in the screenshots though? A victim of optimisation?

Thanks !

Yeah, if I let the background, the game is unplayable, but i will surely update the game.