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Got 8060! Great little game, loved dialogue that the people say while attacking you!

7230 score, pretty fun game

Well done !

  • This the first time I'm making a camera that follows the player and I still haven't figured out how to display text in the right position with the camera moving, the score screen has positions bugs.

    This is not a bug but a feature, I really like the score in the middle of the field :)

"This is not a bug but a feature"

That's true !

this game plays amazing . all the effects feel really good . just started using pico 8

Thanks !

please do upload the cart to pico - 8. that is if u do not have problem with it 

add wasd controls

Unfortunately, PICO-8 doesn't manage those controls.

rip. im trash with arrow keys

Hey! Played a bit of this on my channel! :D

Thanks for playing and making a video on my game, really appreciate  !

Good. My best score: 683

Fun game and nice color palette :)

That was pretty fun and I really like the art style!