I was planning on making multiples levels of 10 - 15 waves but I feels like the only thing that made the game better was having more turrets to try, but it wasn't really worth for me to spend more time on this project, I have already spent ~200 hours on this project (I throw away half of the work (a level editor, a save systems...)).

Level Editor


I added a black shader over the background to make it less distracting.

I was bored around the wave 50 since the player supposedly have all the upgrades, so I cut the total wave number from 100 to 50, better keep the game shorter than leaving the player with a feeling of being bored with the game

I worked on this project "only" for the past two month but yeah this is the first game I have published in 3 years :p


Update :

06/13/20 :

  • reduced the total wave number from 100 to 50
  • Added a tutorial that introduced each turrets one by one
  • Added a black shade over the background to make it less distracting
  • Reduced the highest speed on the speed button from 4 to 3

06/16/20 :

  • Increased the difficulty
  • Added a Boss every 5 wave to prevent the player to use only electric/cannon turrets

Bug Fixed :

06/13/20 :

  • Building tiles wasn't correctly highlighted when building

06/16/20 :

  • start money/life didn't reset on restart
  • sell/upgrade button was ignored when a turret was under the button
  • upgrade stats error fixed

Enjoy !

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56 days ago

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